About GordenLaw LLC

GordenLaw LLC is a boutique law firm. A boutique law firm focuses on a specific aspect of the law such as family law, rather than offering general legal services.

Some attorneys view family law cases as "drudge work" because of the emotions involved. At GordenLaw, we concentrate our practice on family law because we enjoy helping individuals resolve their differences within the framework of the legal system. We find family law cases challenging and interesting because this area touches upon many different areas of the law and often involves very complex facts. Because we do not assist business clients, you need not worry that your case may receive a lower priority.

In addition to our focus on representing individuals, several other key differences distinguish GordenLaw from other small firms in Lincoln. Our use of technology allows us to provide efficient, quality legal services at an affordable rate. We are able to tailor our legal services to meet your specific needs through the use of unbundled legal services or legal services packages. Ms. Gorden and her team combine small town friendliness and trustworthiness with sophisticated legal knowledge and experience.

Although the attorneys at GordenLaw focus their practice on individuals and families, Ms. Gorden maintains a network of professionals and is committed to assisting her clients in finding legal and other professionals for those areas beyond the expertise of her team.

GordenLaw offers unbundled legal services and limited representation

Unbundling legal services means separating out the various tasks required in a legal case and limiting attorney involvement to certain specific tasks while the client handles other matters that an attorney would typically handle in a full-service representation agreement. Nebraska courts approved such arrangements in 2009. For example, a client may utilize forms available through the Nebraska Supreme Court web site to file their divorce (or "dissolution of marriage") on their own and hire an attorney at GordenLaw to assist with the property settlement agreement and proposed decree, or only to attend the final hearing; or any combination of other tasks.

[Please note: Unbundled legal services and self-representation is not for everyone and is not appropriate for high-conflict cases or cases where there is a difference in the power relationship between the people involved.]