Why Choose GordenLaw?

We want to help your family move forward!

  • We limit our practice to fewer areas, all related to families and individuals within the family unit. Many law firms are larger and promote themselves as "general practice" because they will take nearly any kind of case that comes through their doors. At GordenLaw, we focus on being the best in the areas of law in which we practice and specialize. For a list of the areas of law that are encompassed in Family Law, please see our How Can We Help? page.
  • From attorneys to staff, everyone at GordenLaw focuses on legal issues that impact families and individuals. Vanessa J. Gorden, owner and founding member of GordenLaw, has personally handled hundreds of divorce cases, name changes, guardianships, and juvenile law cases over the past six years.
  • We focus on collaborative solutions unique to your family, but we are willing to take your case to trial if necessary. The American legal system is designed to be adversarial…this means that while you are working to get the best possible solution, there is another side that is standing squarely in your way. Particularly where children are involved, GordenLaw's professional team seeks to minimize unproductive conflicts and work towards creative solutions. However, parties to a case sometimes hold positions so far apart that a trial and decision by a judge is the only solution. GordenLaw's professional team is willing and able to present your best arguments in the courtroom setting.
  • We limit our caseloads to ensure you get effective representation and personal attention. At GordenLaw, we recognize that your legal issues are the most important event going on in your life at this time. We make it a priority to return phone calls and forward documents received from the courts or other attorneys. Clients of GordenLaw receive copies of all legal documents and correspondence in their case.
  • We maintain a professional network with other experts that can be of assistance to you both legally and personally as you deal with changes in your family, such as accountants, psychologists, realtors, appraisers, and others.
  • GordenLaw offers a variety of payment arrangements from the traditional hourly fee for attorneys and legal assistants to "unbundled" or "limited representation" services to "flat fee" and "staged fee" agreements. We recognize that hiring an attorney is very different from engaging any other professional services in that there is another party or parties to a case in direct opposition to your goals, and we will work with you to ensure you are informed not only as to your case but as to the financial costs incurred along the way. No matter what type of payment arrangement is made, all representation by GordenLaw is governed by a written fee agreement regarding fees and expenses and regular billing statements and case status letters are provided so you are aware of what is being done in your case.
  • Through the use of technology, GordenLaw can provide efficient, economic representation for you.
  • GordenLaw is a professional team. Clients of GordenLaw meet and work with all members of the team including the office manager, the legal assistants, and the attorneys handling their case. Everyone at GordenLaw is aware of the basic facts of your case and able to answer your questions or get you to someone who can within a short period of time. We look forward to helping you navigate the law and work towards a better life for yourself and your family!