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How can I help keep my attorney fees low?

Clients at GordenLaw can help manage their legal costs in a number of ways. Because certain expenses must be paid by clients, such as postage and copies, clients may elect to receive electronic/digital copies of correspondence, court orders, and other documents. Clients who are organized and provide information and documents when requested avoid legal fees for the attorney to find information.

In family law related areas, a vengeful attitude often adds expense to your case. Unwillingness to compromise on even trivial aspects of your case results in higher fees.

The most important way to ensure your legal fees are reasonable is to be completely honest with your attorney. Whether you believe the truth helps or hurts your case, it is necessary for your attorney to know the truth in order to advise you and assist you in setting a litigation budget.

What are "unbundled legal services" and "limited representation"?

"Unbundling" legal services means separating out the various tasks required in a legal case and "limiting" attorney involvement to certain specific tasks while the client handles other matters that an attorney would typically handle in a full-service representation agreement. Nebraska courts approved such arrangements in 2009. For example, a client may utilize forms available through the Nebraska Supreme Court web site to file their divorce (or "dissolution of marriage") on their own and hire an attorney at GordenLaw to assist with the property settlement agreement and proposed decree, or only to attend the final hearing; or any combination of other tasks.

[Note: Unbundled legal services and self-representation is not for everyone and is not appropriate for high-conflict cases or cases where there is a difference in the power relationship between the people involved.]

How do I become a client of GordenLaw?

You become a client of the firm if and when you sign a contract with an authorized attorney from GordenLaw called an "Agreement for Legal Representation." Simply consulting with an attorney or other team member from GordenLaw does not make you a client of the firm, although matters discussed in a consultation will be held in strict confidence.

Do you practice outside of Lancaster County?

Yes. Attorneys at GordenLaw do handle cases in the surrounding area, including the counties of Seward, Saline, Gage, Johnson, Pawnee, and others. Costs for mileage and travel time will be included in the Agreement for Legal Representation.

How can I receive assistance from the team at GordenLaw?

Visit our How Can We Help? page for more information and then give us a call at 402.817.1450 or click here to contact us via email. Please do not include any sensitive information in your email to us.