our fees

How much do you charge? What are your fees?

Hiring an attorney is very different from hiring other types of professional people. The reason for this difference is that, most often, attorneys are involved because there is a conflict or dispute between disagreeing parties that cannot be resolved without legal intervention. Each party usually has differing goals or desired outcomes. This is why attorneys cannot tell you up front exactly how much your case will cost to resolve your conflict or dispute – the attorney cannot predict what other parties will do.

Attorneys at GordenLaw charge for their services in two ways: 1) an hourly rate billed for time actually spent, the billing method typically employed for cases that require courtroom appearances, or 2) a flat rate (set fee) for a specific service, typically a simple one-time matter such as the drafting of a power of attorney document.

Hourly rates of attorneys and other professionals at GordenLaw are set based upon the specific team member's experience and education.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Generally, the answer is "no". We do, however, offer an initial consultation at a reduced rate. Please call us at 402.817.1450 to schedule a time to discuss your concern with one of our attorneys.

What happens at the initial consultation?

Because of the highly personal nature of the legal issues our firm handles, it is necessary that you be able to work well with your chosen attorney. At your first meeting with an attorney from GordenLaw, you will be asked to answer questions about your specific situation. The attorney will provide a brief overview of some legal issues he or she recognizes and will spend some time determining the best ways our firm may assist you (please see our Questions and Answers section for an explanation of ways to help keep your attorney fees low).

Shortly after the consultation you will either receive an offer to represent you in the form of contract titled "Agreement for Legal Representation," or a letter briefly explaining that our firm cannot handle your case at this time.

What is a "retainer"?

A retainer for legal fees, as used at GordenLaw, is a fee paid to an attorney in advance of legal services. The retainer amount is deposited into our firm trust account and is not used until either 1) all or a portion of the retainer can be applied to a due and unpaid bill; or 2) the completion of a legal matter for a client. Our Agreement for Legal Representation includes a more detailed explanation of the way retainers are handled at GordenLaw.